OERs and VoiceThread

For week 5, we were assigned to groups (Team Waseda!) and asked to look at OERs.  After looking at several OERs, we opted to look at the 20/20 Vision OER offered on OER Commons.  I’m fairly impressed by the material available at OER Commons in that the breadth of material and the general quality seemed to be pretty good.  Once again, the group opted to use Google Hangout to meet and discuss the project.

I have to say, I’m really liking Google Hangouts as I remember during my undergrad and grad days, we used to have to try to find times and places to meet to go over group work.  Being able to meet from anywhere has definitely simplified the process and being able to share data via Google docs and slides makes it just as easy as being in the same room.  The only thing that I wish was that I had a bigger monitor to see all the screens that I have open but maybe another day.

On another note, the group decided to experiment with VoiceThread (https://voicethread.com/) in order to produce our deliverables.  Overall, a fairly simple application to use but as I use more and more applications, I’ve started to realize a few things that are good and bad. For example, a good thing with VoiceThread was that I was able to add a voice over to each slide and the slide would automatically stay on as long as my voice over was.  On the flip side, I wasn’t able to advance the screen and provide a continuous voice over.  Obviously this might be a matter of preference but its something to consider.  Anyway, we’re 5 weeks in and despite the workload, I’m enjoying this class more then I expected.  Lets see what week 6 brings!


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