Blog Reviews

For this weeks blog, we were asked to review the blogs of 3 class members.  While I’ve been lurking a bit (well not really lurking since blogs are meant to be read!), it was a good chance to take a closer look at some of them.

The first blog I took a look at was Chester’s blog (  In particular, I took a look at his entries on March 27 titled “To Mooc or Not Too Mooc”  and “To Flip or Not Too Flip” as the Shakespeare influence caught my attention.  What stands out to me in both of these entries is the organization of thought.  Both of the entries proceed in a very logical train of thought yet manage to come across with Chester’s personal touch or flair.  One thing I particularly enjoyed was the little asides that he added as footnotes to several of his blogs.

The second blog I looked at was Dave’s blog ( and in particular his statement on mobile devices.  The first thing that caught my attention was the loud graphic at the top of the page.  Quite the attention grabber.  The content itself was clearly written and I found myself nodding in agreement as I agreed with many of his thoughts.  In particular, I agree with his statement “A poor lesson plan is still a poor lesson plan with or without a mobile device.”  Overall, the images that Dave has chosen (or created?) served as great for grabbing the reader’s attention and led nicely into each week’s subject.

The third blog that I chose to review was Ashley’s blog ( and her flipped classroom statement.  I found it interesting and refreshing to hear her honest thoughts about the possibility of using technology to flip the classroom.  I agree with her in that I think there are many barriers to using technology in the classroom but would love to see the DOE test pilot this in a few schools.  I think that her opinions are probably reflective of many teachers and that the only way to really change this is through several documented success stories.

As a final note, I found it interesting to compare the 3 blogs side by side as all 3 were created in tumblr.  Not having any experience with this program, I found the variety in the different layouts intriguing as there seemed to be quite a bit of customization available.  Ashley’s layout was very appealing as it provided thumb nails of all of her entries and was able to tie in a variety of different apps (Animoto, BitStrips, and Screencast-o-matic to name a few).  Definitely a blogging application to consider in the future.


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